The Swords of Ditto – Mormo’s Curse

The Swords of Ditto – Mormo’s Curse

Swords of Ditto
Game Diary

Swords of Ditto - Mormo's Curse

Price at Purchase:AU$10.45
Developer:One Bit Beyond
Publisher:Devolver Digital
Released:24 Apr 2018
Game Size on Disc1.99gb
Game Version1.17

The Swords of Ditto – Mormo’s Curse – PS4

I am aware that having put so much time into Days Gone, all that gritty realism left me wanting something lighter in both tone and pallet. Where this left me was at the start of Swords of Ditto – Mormo’s Curse, with bright colours and a peppy kazoo jam.

It’s not a terribly original game and I got the impression that people’s main complaint with the game at release was that each run took ages and you lost too much for dying at the end of it.

So the Mormo’s Curse update which I think came out in May 2019 aimed to ease those grievances essentially reworking the game to make it more forgiving – gone was non-final stage permadeath, in came a denser more varied game-world.

Sadly not enough notice of the update has been paid that there is a metacritic score thus far…

I got through a [spoilers: unsuccessful] run on stream and I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a good time. The world is lovingly crafted and while I could see that the 6-day count down would have felt more oppressive previously its now just something it’s quite easy to literally wind the clock back on.

At the risk of indemnifying myself yet again – I do intend to keep going with The Swords of Ditto.

Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes
Game Diary

Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes – PS4

I’ll admit I got a bit caught up in the hype for this ironically under-hyped game – I’m good at that – and although I’ve not really put much more than a few hours into it I’m not unhappy.

Remnant from the Ashes is a great game – its fast, its very easy to understand what you’re doing and how to do it better, its a collection of nicely executed ideas presented simply.

It’s just not a game that is a whole heap of fun to play solo. I am not known for my infinite patience with hard to beat bosses but even I was a little put off by my inability to get past the game’s first real challenge in the form of dungeon boss Shroud. 

I’m not saying I won’t go back but I’ll maybe start a new run with a new class of character and see if that helps.

I’ve read that they are adding new dungeons and new foes so it looks like Remnant From the Ashes should have decent longevity.

I don’t feel like a loser when I parted with my cash for this game.

Last Day of June

Last Day of June

Last Day of June
Game Diary

Last Day of June - PS4

Price at Purchase:AU$11.95
Publisher:505 Games
Released:31 Aug 2017
Game Size on Disc2.59gb
Game Version at Review1.0

Last Day of June – PS4

Continuing my games with Day in the title we also jaunted quickly through Last Days of June – a little time-travel puzzle experience with heavy emotional overtones from Ovosonico and 505 Games.

And again we streamed it.

I think I had been expecting a heavier emotional impact but it was sweet enough and very pleasant to look at. I admire games that don’t require a discernable language to convey all kind of layers of meaning.

 If you can bare to watch through the playthrough you’ll notice we had massive issues with copyright music. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge problem but this game has no option to turn music off so if you stream it you’ll get claimed too.

We had some fun trying to get YouTube to mute the offending tunes, with varying degrees of unsuccess…

We live and learn.

Days Gone – Game Diary

Days Gone – Game Diary

Days Gone
Game Diary

Days Gone PS4

Price at Purchase:AU$66
From:Amazon AU
Developer:Bend Studio
Released:26 Apr 2019
Rated:MA 15+
Game Size on Disc68.18gb
Game Version at Review1.26

Days Gone – PS4

In late July we watched the credits roll on Days Gone and in a first for MashMash Games we streamed pretty much the whole of our 50-ish hour play through.

Days Gone seemed to have just the right balance of pace, progress, character, narrative and relationship together with a fun game loop to keep me happily sustained though the zombie/freaker infested Oregonian wilds.

Also to it’s credit it had an end. I’m aware some folks found it overly long but I never really felt it out-stayed its welcome – a bit like Marvel’s Spider-Man in that regard.

If you have a spare bajillion hours you can watch how we did here:

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital
Game Diary

Two Point Hospital - PC

Price at Purchase:AU$27.49
Developer:Two Point Studios
Released:30 Aug 2018
Game Size on Disc6gb
Game Version1.17

Two Point Hospital – PC

Somewhat to my surprise, Two Point Hospital was one of the first games I picked up having reacquainted myself with the PC Master Race – in laptop form.

As we have established I am deeply suspicious of games you can’t finish – I don’t like that uneasy feeling of just saying OK I think I’ll stop now – bye” – I’m a man who prefers closure.

I accept that it is perfectly possible to “finish” simulations like Two Point Hospital – it is listed on HowLongToBeat after all – my suspicion is that one must just rely on feeling done when you’ve had enough rather than when the game tells you so.

Those qualms aside, Two Point Hospital is a tremendously charming game. The animations are perfect, the writing is on point and I frequently found myself chuckling at the radio and PA announcements.

I appreciate that this is not a ringing endorsement but playing Two Point Hospital is a perfectly pleasant time.

April 2019 Game Diary

April 2019 Game Diary

This month I have been mostly playing


April, 2019

The Division 2

Buy now on Amazon - Affiliate Link

I’ve mostly been playing Division 2 and Beat Saber with a little naughty Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but towards the end of the month I made a start on Days Gone.

The Division 2 is giving me much the same pleasure as the original Division with just enough new and shiny to make it novel. As with most UbiSoft Open World games of recent vintage the story plays a fairly anaemic background role – a thin crust around the thick dough of the Game Loop – but its still pretty satisfying and progression seems to jog along at a pleasing clip.

I just recently got to level 30 and had done pretty much all of it solo. I have occasionally answered Calls for Assistance and hung around if the area was new or interesting or if the group felt good to be in but so far no full-on group chat.

I think its a decent testament to the game balance in Division 2 that a game so focussed on team/group play can be enjoyed sufficiently by those who choose to go solo.

Assassins Creed Odyssey Atlantis DLC

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Anthem PS4

Buy now on Amazon - Affiliate Link

I’m not proud of it but I boosted my Kassandra to level 99 in Assassins Creed Odyssey using the Teabag XP hack – more out of curiosity than genuine deviance – I felt momentarily dirty but as penance I now have to deal with the fact that I don’t have enough resources to upgrade any of my gear so now I’m fighting level 99 foes with level 58 blades.

Great preparation for the Rise of Atlantis DLC – sigh.

I had intended to go through the additional story-lines and DLC, maybe steamed on Twitch and/or Youtube (thanks to ReStream)  – maybe this weekend..?

This high level character low level gear reminded me of that daft jank in Anthem where level 1 weapons were proven to be better than commensurate player level items in the later game. I still maintain that I had an ok time trundling up to level 30 in what is rapidly turning into the stand out raspberry of 2019 – this year’s Fallout ’76 if you will. You know it’s bad when you’re getting as much heat for your fixes as you do for your initial mistakes.

I haven’t been tempted to put the Anthem disc back in the machine since then – maybe I’ve been waiting for The Signals that all is well or that there’s actually more to play – but realistically it’s just that I’ve better things to do and better games to play.

I have a copy of Sekiro giving me guity eye from the shelf and a copy of CupHead on Switch giving me guilty eye from the loaded games selection.


Beat Saber continues to be my go-to relax or “Shake out the Day” experience. I’m still a little frustrated by the limited play list available on the PS4 – true I’ve only acquired a couple of tracks from the Monstercat Pack and true if I play through most of the tracks I feel ok about I can be busy for a solid 45 mins. There are couple of tracks I just can’t go near because they hurt my delicate musical aesthetic but my aural church is a broad and accepting one in general.

sekiro - shadows die twice

Buy now on Amazon - Affiliate Link

Sitting on my Still To Play shelf giving me the most decent excuse not to be buying new games are:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on PS4

Giving me the Come Play Me eye – or indeed the Why Aren’t You Playing Me? eye – its often hard to tell.

Cuphead on Switch

There was so much hoop and holla about Cuphead when it came out on the PC – now its available for Console people – well Switch people anyway – its been patiently waiting for me to have some Switch time. I’ve had none. Blame the Division 2.

But still the most likely next cab off the rank will be this fellow:

Getting our St Jean On – Days Gone on the PS4

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