Last Day of June
Game Diary

Last Day of June - PS4

Price at Purchase:AU$11.95
Publisher:505 Games
Released:31 Aug 2017
Game Size on Disc2.59gb
Game Version at Review1.0

Last Day of June – PS4

Continuing my games with Day in the title we also jaunted quickly through Last Days of June – a little time-travel puzzle experience with heavy emotional overtones from Ovosonico and 505 Games.

And again we streamed it.

I think I had been expecting a heavier emotional impact but it was sweet enough and very pleasant to look at. I admire games that don’t require a discernable language to convey all kind of layers of meaning.

 If you can bare to watch through the playthrough you’ll notice we had massive issues with copyright music. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge problem but this game has no option to turn music off so if you stream it you’ll get claimed too.

We had some fun trying to get YouTube to mute the offending tunes, with varying degrees of unsuccess…

We live and learn.

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