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Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes – PS4

I’ll admit I got a bit caught up in the hype for this ironically under-hyped game – I’m good at that – and although I’ve not really put much more than a few hours into it I’m not unhappy.

Remnant from the Ashes is a great game – its fast, its very easy to understand what you’re doing and how to do it better, its a collection of nicely executed ideas presented simply.

It’s just not a game that is a whole heap of fun to play solo. I am not known for my infinite patience with hard to beat bosses but even I was a little put off by my inability to get past the game’s first real challenge in the form of dungeon boss Shroud. 

I’m not saying I won’t go back but I’ll maybe start a new run with a new class of character and see if that helps.

I’ve read that they are adding new dungeons and new foes so it looks like Remnant From the Ashes should have decent longevity.

I don’t feel like a loser when I parted with my cash for this game.

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