Slow slow quick quick quick


February, 2019

2019 was starting out so nice and slow. I caught up on a few old games, sailed serenely through The Gardens Between, finally sat down to finish Into The Woods, finally stood up and made lots of parts of my upper body sore playing Creed Rise To Glory in PSVR.

Life was simple.

More importantly the gaming outlook seemed gentle – I had no interest in Kingdom Hearts 3 or Ace Combat 7 and while I didn’t see RE2 coming, I could wait for it to go on sale so the short-term horizon looked blissfully uncomplicated.

Until it wasn’t.

All of a sudden calm is out and the crazy is on and it’s thick and fast:

  • the Anthem “demos” one and 2 – boom!
  • pre-order angst … sorry SkillUp … ?
  • Apex legends from out of nowhere – kerslammo!
  • the Division 2 beta – pow!
  • Far Cry New Dawn AND Metro Exodus out on the SAME DAY next week – double-bash!
  • Anthem proper comes out in a couple of weeks
  • then Div 2 a couple of weeks after that
  • and then it’s Sekiro shadows die twice a couple of weeks after that …

(love your work VaatiVidya…)

My cozy comfortable relaxed start of the year armchair has rapidly transformed into a razor thin track-racing bicycle saddle in a wind tunnel – and I’m starting to fear for the comfort of my perineum.

Yes and at the same time no – an uncomfortable strike to the nethers?

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