life is better with friends but not collaborators?


February, 2019

The problem here in the early game of YouTubers Life OMG is that having moved into the 3rd (?) apartment and hired the first collaborator, she was costing me more money each month than the rent – which in tern meant that I had to spend most of my time working at jobs to essentially support the collaborator who stayed at home and made all the videos.

The obvious downside here is that I have no time or opportunity to improve my skills so don’t really develop at all.

So it makes sense to fire your first collaborator or not to hire them in the first place.

This actually worked out ok for me – I worked a bit and had lots of time to make lots of videos pretty cheaply and my skills would increase at a decent rate.

But if you want to re-hire someone it can take a hefty chuck of time.

Firstly you have to invest heavily in Friending someone – from stranger, through acquaintance and then all the way up to 99+ of Friendship – only then can you ask them to join you.

In my case this took ages – I think I fired Elizabeth when I was level 14 and she was 19 – by the time I had made decent enough friendship with someone else I was level 24 – that was OK but of course while I had been merrily getting good so had all the NPCs in the game and the chap I’d made friends with was still 4 or 5 levels higher than me, mid-to-high 90’s in professional skills and now wanted nearly $1400 a month.

Oddly all the level 1 people are still level 1 so your options for hiring are either level 1 useless noobs or super expensive mega-stars.

At this stage I still don’t see the point of  collaborators – maybe i’ll see it differently deeper into the game.

(oh look its me)

Have you played through?

Did your experience differ? Let us know… 


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