Two Point Hospital
Game Diary

Two Point Hospital - PC

Price at Purchase:AU$27.49
Developer:Two Point Studios
Released:30 Aug 2018
Game Size on Disc6gb
Game Version1.17

Two Point Hospital – PC

Somewhat to my surprise, Two Point Hospital was one of the first games I picked up having reacquainted myself with the PC Master Race – in laptop form.

As we have established I am deeply suspicious of games you can’t finish – I don’t like that uneasy feeling of just saying OK I think I’ll stop now – bye” – I’m a man who prefers closure.

I accept that it is perfectly possible to “finish” simulations like Two Point Hospital – it is listed on HowLongToBeat after all – my suspicion is that one must just rely on feeling done when you’ve had enough rather than when the game tells you so.

Those qualms aside, Two Point Hospital is a tremendously charming game. The animations are perfect, the writing is on point and I frequently found myself chuckling at the radio and PA announcements.

I appreciate that this is not a ringing endorsement but playing Two Point Hospital is a perfectly pleasant time.

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